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steven on piano

Steven Meyer also performs choice selections on acoustic piano. Steven's repertoire is parallel to his solo guitar program, and features music from many genres, including Jazz, Classical, Popular, Broadway and more. Steven performs regularly at many establishments and for special events in the Madison area. Local establishments include Top of the Park at the Inn on the Park hotel in Madison, WI, and the UW Global Health Symposium.

Piano Repertoire

From wine tastings and weddings, to corporate gatherings, to retirement dinners, Steven has a vast range of music that will set a delightful tone for any occasion. Steven’s piano style is the culmination of many influences, including jazz artists Keith Jarrett, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock; rock legends Billy Joel and Elton John, Classical, and more. Steven’s repertoire also includes the best of Broadway and contemporary standards.

Performance Venues

In addition to restaurants, weddings and coffee houses, Steven's tasteful piano music will enhance the ambience and set the mood for many types of events and locations: Wine Tasting Parties (Steven's personal favorite!), Wine Tasting combined with Chocolate Tasting, Dinner Parties, Holiday Parties, and Customer Appreciation Events. Recent performances include UW Global Health Symposium, and Inn on the Park.

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