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  • PortfolioBy Steven Meyer

    Welcome to a gallery of graphic design for marketing.

    As a modern "Renaissance Man" in marketing, and a creative at heart, I strive to develop my graphic design skills and to produce quality content. The following samples are printed promotions such as magazine ads, product data sheets, postcards, posters,and brochures. Combined with copywriting, these samples exemplify the hands-on, one-man-band approach to in-house marketing.

  • Product Specification
    HighlightsBy Steven

    Product Specification

    Design for a multi-brand product data sheet specification. Features multi-color versions.

  • Trade Show Banners
    HighlightsBy Steven

    Large Banners for Trade Show

    Series of 48" tall product banners for trade show display.

  • Product Data Sheet
    HighlightsBy Steven

    Product Data Sheet

    Design for a product data sheet. Features multi-color versions.

  • Green Tech Brochure
    HighlightsBy Steven

    Green Tech Brochure

    Design for 4 page information brochure on the USGBC LEED program for architects and general contractors.

  • Magazine Ad
    HighlightsBy Steven

    Magazine Ad

    Design for full page color ad for prperty management publication. Part of integrated marketing campaign.

  • Brochure Directory
    Marketing HighlightsBy Steven

    Brochure Directory

    Example of a 32 page installation directory for partition walls for hotel industry.

  • Direct Mail Postcard
    HighlightsBy Steven

    Direct Mail Postcard

    High impact lightning design for direct mail postcard promoting weather graphics software.

  • Direct Mail Postcard
    Design ConceptsBy Steven

    Direct Mail Postcard

    Direct Mail Postcard promoting quality weather graphics systems for television.

  • Poster Series
    Design HighlightsBy Steven

    Colorful Poster Series for Trade Show Display

    Poster Series for Trade Show to promote quality weather graphics systems for television.

  • Direct Mailer
    Design HighlightBy Steven

    Direct Mail Design

    Example of 8-1/2 x 11 folded direct mail piece to promote weather graphics systems for television.

  • Direct Mailer
    Design HighlightBy Steven

    Flash Info Graphic

    Custom designed info graphic illustrating engineering process.

  • Mailer for seminar
    Design HighlightBy Steven

    Training Seminar Mailer

    Graphic Design sample of mailer announcement for training seminar.

  • Magazine Ad Series
    Design HighlightsBy Steven

    Magazine Ad Series

    Design for Ad Campaign in multiple sizes.

  • White Paper
    Technical CreativeBy Steven

    Technical White Paper

    Technical white paper design and copy for manufacturer. Also published in technical journal.

  • Services Flyer
    Design SampleBy Steven

    Architectural Services Flyer

    Design for an architectural services flyer.

  • Brochure
    Design SampleBy Steven

    Four-Page Brochure

    Design for a small 4-page brochure.

  • Postcard
    Design SampleBy Steven

    Two-Color Postcard Mailer

    Design for an attention-getting 2-color postcard mailer.

  • Newsletter Design
    NewslettersBy Steve

    Monthly Newsletter

    Design for monthly newsletter for TV weather broadcasters, back in the QuarkXpress days.

  • Postcard
    Design HighlightsBy Steven

    Direct Mail Postcard

    Design for trade show direct mail postcard.

  • Software Packaging Design
    Design HighlightsBy Steven

    Packaging Design for Sofware

    Design for software packaging with co-op marketing element.

  • Production IssuesBy Steve

    Small Space Ads are Challenging

    "Layout for small space advertising presents the most challenges for the graphic designer."

    by Steven

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